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A soft scoffing sound left her throat at his words, fingers lifting to fiddle with her pale locks for a moment. She twined the curls around one finger, mulling over what to do. Would she grant him what he wanted in the end? That was for later in the game…if she was feeling confident enough that is. He had a strange way with putting whatever confidence she had under his rule—which was frustrating enough.


"That’s so kind of you~" The teasing tone coated her words thickly, hands dropping to cross underneath her chest. To most it was a defensive stance—to her, it was just to do something with her arms. Her fingers had developed the habit to fiddle and do things constantly and she didn’t want to do that around him.

"I’ll just have to think over exactly what I want.

Think it over? What? Did she think he was going to just stand around all night while she made up her mind? It was no secret that Bazz was a pretty impatient guy, and the method of thinking before acting wasn’t his favorite. Or even a possibility most times. Usually, when someone wanted to mull over their choices, he let them— alone.

"Kinda defeatin’ the purpose’a doin’ what ya want if yer thinkin’ ‘bout it.” Desires, feelings, needs— they were all impulsive. Instant. There. He had a few himself, right then, that he sure as hell didn’t have to give any thought to.

"Ain’t ya learned nothin’? Doin’ what ya want’s all ‘bout doin’ it.”

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And there it was—she wasn’t an idiot. She had suspected that his sweet, caring attitude was just some sort of facade. Should she play along? It was tempting to say in the least. She almost wanted to—but that was her illogical side talking…and it was somewhat winning.

She’d play along—for now.

"What did you have in mind?"

What did he have in mind? What did she think he had in mind? There were no two ways about what he wanted, but unless he was incredibly hard up, Bazz could be patient— as long as he knew he was getting what he wanted, in the end.

And by that, he meant the end of the night.


"Ya playin’ dumb, now? Ya know what I want." He’d never sugar-coated things before, and now seemed like a really dumb time to start. "But I ain’t uptight. Maybe I’ll jus’ let tonight be ladies’ choice."

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Rukia had only a second to choose what her next action would be. There was no other choice than to dodge—she certainly couldn’t take the attack head-on. The next second, she was using shunpo, a clear foot away. She didn’t expect for the attack to widen out, slicing through the material of her black kimono and the skin of her arm. 


A high-pitched yelp left her, now a few safe yards away from the enemy. One hand clamped onto the flesh of her burning arm. Already, crimson liquid was beginning to seep through her fingers, causing her to grip onto the material of her top tighter, lips pressing together in order to keep in the small gasps of pain. Glancing upwards towards the Quincy, she clenched her teeth.

Where she had been standing was now destroyed—if she had moved a second later, she would’ve been in a much worse state. 

As the lieutenant’s situation worsened, Bazz’s mood lightened. He didn’t bother to watch her very carefully for any tricks she might try to pull, or subtle movements that might indicate she was about to retaliate. The details had never interested him much; he could handle anything she threw at him, head-on.

"Well, damn! If this was a contest’a who could run away the quickest, ya might have me beat!" His tone was nearly jovial, but his face remained twisted into a sadistic sneer. "Too bad we’re fightin’!”

He didn’t press his attack. A mistake on his part? Probably. But his confidence was through the roof, and this girl wasn’t even warmed up, yet. She had better not be, anyway; if this was all a lieutenant of their army could manage, he would wonder why he’d even been sent.

Leave me for the real soldiers, if the pickin’s are this damn slim.

His arms extended outward— an open gesture.

"Let’s make this interestin’! Gimme yer best shot! C’mon, I ain’t gonna wait all day!"

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   Did he seriously just say that? The retort she had loaded onto her tongue vanished and was temporarily replaced with a bubbling urge to laugh. Two ingenious terms joined together in one amusing package: “mane” and…”carpet-muncher.

   Tatsuki may have felt the sting of personal insult had she actually known what the hell that meant. She’d heard a great deal of unpleasant name-calling in the business of putting Orihime’s bullies in their proper place, but this was a first for that one.


   Wow, Grade A insult right there. Shame how I don’t give a shit about your opinion half as much as you care about mine. 

Did this bitch wanna fight?

As far as Bazz was concerned, it didn’t really matter. His mood had dwindled since he’d had to set foot in that stupid little town, and this wasn’t helping it. Any.

"Couldn’t care less whether ya give a shit’r not," he spat back, taking just a single step closer to her. Ignorant, stupid human didn’t even realize who she was fucking with. She’d learn. Consequences be damned— he was pissed.

"Ain’t gonna matter in a couple minutes, when yer eatin’ pavement, bitch.”

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I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now

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♔Gab♔: i want frost burn
droovey: is that what bazz gave hitsugaya
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